Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your First Tattoo - What to Expect and How to Avoid Disaster

Getting your first tattoo is a very exciting experience comparable to very few other things in life. Like any other first times in your life, your first tattoo will give you an experience and an illustration you'll never forget, literally.
People get tattooed for a variety of reasons and everyone has their own motivations, whether good or bad. A tattoo can demonstrate an important event, transformation, or person in your life. It can be a significant icon of your hopes, accomplishments, regrets, your love life, and even your fears. You can also be tattooed for fashion or decorative purposes.
Your first tattoo, if not whole-heartedly desired, will later result as an impulsive act which sooner or later you may regret. It is very important to take into consideration the implication of the design you choose and its effect on you personally and externally. This is because tattoos can have profound impact on your image to yourself and others.
If you want to get a tattoo just because you feel it's fashionable, you might want to think twice. Your main issue will be that fashion constantly changes. Tattoos are very different from clothes that you can throw away or give away immediately after they become unfashionable. A tattoo is in your skin and can't be erased by washing with soap and water. So make up your mind confidently.
Understand your primary motive in having your first tattoo. Give overriding importance on where your tattoo should be placed, including its flow and scale. Decide its imagery by utilizing good references accessible almost everywhere.
Your first tattoo should be applied by a reliable artist. This way, you can expect a masterpiece that fits your personality and your body perfectly. You should also look for a tattoo studio that makes use of sterilized materials to avoid infections.
When your tattoo is healing, it may become itchy but you must resist from scratching your skin and picking the scabs. Your tattooed skin should heal in about two weeks. Once your skin has repaired itself, you can prevent your tattoo from fading by simply applying sun block prior to any amount sun exposure.
Most of all, if after your first tattoo, you notice tremendous swelling, excruciating pain, too much itching, or other symptoms like fever, you might have accrued an allergy or infection. Seek immediate assistance from a doctor.
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