Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello Kitty Tattoos - Why Are They So Popular?

I am sure you have heard about Hello Kitty. It is no wonder, since this little kitten has become one of the most famous characters in the past decades. The beginnings can be traced back to 1975, when in Japan, designer Yuko Simizu created the concept of this fabulous character.
Initially it could be seen on purses, then it expanded to different kinds of clothes, accessories, even cars and computers. A year after the characters creation, it was brought to the United States, where it has enjoyed success, and since then it has spread globally. Today, there are so many fans of this cute little kitten that more and more people want to tattoo it on themselves. If you are a fan of this figure too, there are unthinkably much ways to decorate you body with it.
Creative tattoo artists like Hello Kitty too, because they can unleash their fantasy when putting her on somebody. The basic design looks really cute in itself, but it can be modified to fit almost any look, be it Punk, Goth, or evil. It can also be re-designed to represent a certain character - this is how "Hello Vader" or "Hello Jesus" was born. But if you are looking for simpler designs, you can just design an imaginary dress that you would like to see on her. There are only a few basic tattoo concepts that are so variable like Hello Kitty.
Then again, I can only recommend to decorate you body with this little kitty not only when you are a fan of it, but if you just want a cute or extreme tattoo.


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